[IT] Intellectual Output 2

Virtual Learning Moodle Course

The overall goal of the course is to empower e-teaching and e-learning at universities across Europe. It was made as part of the ENLIVEN IO2/A5 Intellectual Output:

The course consists of eight micro modules, each 1 ECTS credit point (total 8 ECTS): (1) Whole-school approach to Online and Blended Teaching and Learning, (2) Digital educational resources, (3) Digital platforms for communication and collaboration, (4) Effective teaching and learning, (5) Assessment practices, (6) Online vs. Blended vs. Traditional teaching and learning, (7) Instructional design, and (8) Digital Competence and evaluation tools. 

Virtual LearningDownload (Moodle .mbz format)UNS10/2022

All Intellectual Output 2 results are available here as Open Educational Resources: https://www.enlivenproject.eu/2023/03/31/open-education-resources-io2/.