Intellectual Output 3

Guidelines for creating inclusive international learning environments

One of the ENLIVEN specific objectives is draw up guidelines for:
– short, flexible, and progressive learning experiences to improve digital competences of students, academic and administrative staff, also offering reskilling and upskilling opportunities in a lifelong learning context.
– improved learning, teaching, and assessment approaches suitable for the digital environment, serving both teachers and learners, and showing how to build or use an inclusive learning environment.
– building an international digital learning environment, enriching, and enhancing experiences inside and outside the digital classroom

We decided to publish the project guidelines in a single e-book as a single access point and therefore ensuring that advice and suggestions are easily available to all those interested. Our willingness is to consider the overall project experience as an added value that can foster future synergies.

These guidelines are the result of a co-creating process. All partners contributed by providing examples of the practices implemented during the life of the project ENLIVEN.

The following contents were made as part of the ENLIVEN IO3/A6 Intellectual Output:

Download (PDF)
Ebook (epub)
ENLIVEN Partners02/2023