Intellectual Output 2

Progressive sets of course modules to be able to exploit the full potential of virtual learning

The partner universities will develop two e-courses, one for lecturers and one for students, in order to empower e-teaching and e-learning. The aim of Intellectual Output 2 is to develop, pilot, test, implement and formulate guidelines for improved learning, teaching, and assessment approaches suitable for the digital environment, engaging and serving both teachers and learners.

Thanks to these results, teachers will learn how to create and manage an inclusive classroom or seminar while learners will learn how to interact effectively in a virtual environment. By making the learning process more flexible, and classes more inclusive, the diversity within the classroom can be increased. Once fully implemented, the e-courses will be fully certifiable among the partner universities with credits awarded for the achieved learning outcomes. Finally, the courses will be publicly available so everyone can use them.

The process leading to the development of the two e-courses will include the following activities: partners will be sharing approaches and practices by contributing the materials, evaluations and insights already developed in the emergency situation; through a method of co-creation, the structure of the sets of e-modules will be developed and fine-tuned; the picture of the existing experiences and practices will be supplemented with desk research on solutions from outside the partnership; a video and a series of podcasts and videos will be developed, where the partners can share their universities’ practices and the relevant findings of the research; as a result of these activities, two progressive sets of e-modules (one for learners, one for teachers) will be created and tested, initially by each involved partner university, then trialed in beta by all partners, who are called to refine, monitor, evaluate, give feedback in view of making the modules available outside the partnership as well (dissemination).

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