ENhanced Learning and teaching in International Virtual ENvironments​


Meeting in Pisa April 6, 2022 ENLIVEN met SHELFIE to share experiences and find synergies! Both projects, their methods and first results have...

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In a nutshell

The ENLIVEN project aims to develop foundations for an innovative international digital learning environment. Nowadays, there is a pressing need to combine traditional – in presence – education with other forms of teaching and learning with the objective of supporting the modernization of education. In particular, online education presents limitations and opportunities that can be recognised, mitigated, built upon, and used to take advantage of their positive aspects in view of present and future needs.

The project partners, a consortium of six universities from all over Europe, are committed to improve and enrich existing distance learning practices. Building on the experiences of e-learning during the first phase of pandemic, the project’s mission is to create new stimulating experiences for all the actors involved, incrementing the levels of participation and inclusion in virtual classrooms, thus making virtual mobility closer to physical mobility. By creating an enhanced virtual international learning environment, we aim to deepen the collaboration with European partners.

Key facts

Project Dates

  • Project start: 01-03-2021 
  • Project end: 28-02-2023
  • Duration: 24 months


  • ca. 220,000* students
  • ca. 26,000* teachers and staff
  • lifelong learners

*initial esteem of staff and learners at the participating universities. After the project ends, the dissemination activities aim to increment these numbers.


  • 3 Intellectual Outputs
  • 18 Development activities
  • 6 Multipliers Events in 6 different countries

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