Intellektuaalne Väljund 3 Uudised

Support Measures for Students in e-Learning Environments

Designing Virtual Support Measures for Students in International Learning Environments

With the help of psychologists, neuroscientists, communication scientists and social networks/media experts we designed some possible solutions and strategies to overcome the problems identified during the firsts activities of the Intellectual Output 3. In particular we are building upon the Requirement Analysis Report where we have identified some key findings from online surveys carried out jointly by the Enliven partners.

Social dimension of learning and the necessity of developing new forms of virtual mobility for all

For various reasons, the majority of students will not be able to experience physical mobility, even after the pandemic. This report includes suggestions, recommendations and challenges on how digital learning environments can be shaped to enable those participating in a virtual exchange to have similar experiences and interactions as those who actually physically go abroad. We focus on the social dimension of intercultural learning and living in the digital world.

The complete report is now available: