Intellectual Output 2

Virtual Learning Moodle Course

The overall goal of the course is to empower e-teaching and e-learning at universities across Europe. It was made as part of the ENLIVEN IO2/A5 Intellectual Output:

The course consists of eight micro modules, each 1 ECTS credit point (total 8 ECTS): (1) Whole-school approach to Online and Blended Teaching and Learning, (2) Digital educational resources, (3) Digital platforms for communication and collaboration, (4) Effective teaching and learning, (5) Assessment practices, (6) Online vs. Blended vs. Traditional teaching and learning, (7) Instructional design, and (8) Digital Competence and evaluation tools. 

Virtual LearningDownload (Moodle .mbz format)UNS10/2022

All Intellectual Output 2 results are available here as Open Educational Resources: https://www.enlivenproject.eu/2023/03/31/open-education-resources-io2/.

Intellectual Output 2

Diversity & Inclusion videos and video-podcasts

Diversity & Inclusion videos and video-podcasts

The ENLIVEN project partners share their universities’ practices and the relevant findings of the research performed during the COVID-19 emergency.

The following contents were made as part of the ENLIVEN IO2/A4 Intellectual Output:

Digital StudyingView & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Gender, Diversity, Inclusion in Salzburg (students video)View & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Digital Teaching Video-Podcast Doris WydraView & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Digital Teaching Video-Podcast Dženeta KarabegovicView & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Digital Teaching Video-Podcast Vicky KönigView & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Digital Teaching Video-Podcast Zoe LefkofridiView & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Digital Teaching Video-Podcast Ewald Hiebl (PLUS)View & DownloadPLUS23/03/2022
Intellectual Output 2 News

COVID-19 and the best teaching practices

We are sharing some of the best practices and innovative approaches used at the ENLIVEN partner universities during the emergency situation. The following contents were made as part of the ENLIVEN IO2/A1 Intellectual Output.

All partners contributed with the materials, evaluations and insights, focused on teaching, developed to face the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results of our interviews are organised by following two main question topics:

  1. questions regarding re-organisation of education during the pandemic at institutional level.
  2. questions regarding learning and teaching during pandemic.

You can read and download the results below:

Intellectual Output 2 News

Desk research to exploit the full potential of virtual learning

We have published a document summarizing some of the existing virtual learning experiences and practices adopted by the Higher Education Institutions in Europe. In particular, the core task of this activity was to broaden the picture of how the COVID-19 emergency affected teaching and learning methods and approaches outside the ENLIVEN partner universities. The following contents were made as part of the ENLIVEN IO2/A3 Intellectual Output:

This document forms the basis for the next project activities which are described in the Intellectual Output 2. By integrating existing – state-of-the-art – data from outside the ENLIVEN partnership with our own research and experience we are laying solid foundations for the development of future e-courses and for an overall improvement of virtual learning activities.

You can read and download the Desk Research results below: