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Blackboard is a course management system designed to provide content to students in a central platform. It allows communication with students and it works as a grading system. Through this platform, students can submit assignments and access a variety of Web-based tools such as e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs. The system also allows peer to peer assessment and self-assessment.






Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an internationally active non-profit organisation that provides free licences for creators to use when making their work available to the public. These licenses enable lawful collaboration to copy, share, remix, adapt, and build upon content in any medium or format.







EdPuzzle is a tool for creating and editing interactive online videos and adding interactive content to target specific learning objectives. EdPuzzle allows the user to upload videos, to add URLs, and to search built-in content libraries which include YouTube, Khan Academy, TED, National Geographic, and more.

Videos can be customized by embedding either open-ended or multiple-choice questions, audio notes, audio tracks, or comments on a video.

With EdPuzzle, a teacher can share videos with their students. It also allows to assign due dates, and to monitor students' scores and progress over time as they go through the videos and through the assigned exercises. These tasks can be performed synchronously (teachers can show a video as a group activity) or asynchronously (students can watch the videos on their own).






Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a simple and powerful learning management system. It’s possible to add materials, assignments, quizzes and give students feedback & grades.







H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems that enables the system to create interactive content like Interactive Videos, Presentations, Games, Quizzes and more! H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.







Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia and works for hybrid learning and flipped classroom situations by making learning fun and engaging.

Kahoot! serves as a student-response tool for administering quizzes, facilitating discussions, or collecting survey data and can be played by the whole class in real time.







Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports the entire process of learning/teaching, from the creation of courses to the delivery of educational content. Designed to create opportunities for rich interaction between teacher and learners, it is an Open Source platform widely used for distance, blended (flipped classroom) and in presence learning. It was built with educational approaches of social constructionist pedagogy but supports other learning approaches as well. With Moodle you can add resources, create activities, use its internal messaging system, monitor and evaluate your students progress throughout your courses.













Screencast-O-Matic is a video creation tool that allow users to record video from the computer screen or from a web cam and to record their voice.

Screencast-o-Matic is an easy-to-use screen recorder and video editor, that makes it possible for anyone to create videos within minutes. These recordings can be uploaded directly to YouTube or saved as an MP4 file. It is also possible to add text, shapes, images, import music and use auto-captions.










youtube studio


YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio allows the user to manage a YouTube channel, to upload and edit videos, to manage live streams, to view analytics data, to read and respond to comments, and to manage settings.







Zoom is a cloud-based video teleconferencing platform created as a solution for online meetings (either by video or audio-only or both). This service allows group video conferences, live chats, screen sharing and session recording, among other features.