Intellectual Output 3 News

Requirement analysis – Report on the online survey

Are you curious about the main difficulties in using digital platforms met by students and teachers?

We have identified some key findings from online surveys carried out jointly by the Enliven partners. These surveys describe what 1286 participants experienced during the academic year 2020/2021.

It is also the first step towards the goals expressed in the Intellectual Output 3 where we aim to create and disseminate in publicly accessible form guidelines on enabling and organizing international digital learning environments.

Based on the analysis some key findings were identified:

  • 95% of respondents have experience using digital learning environments
  • 22% of respondents claimed that they do not have enough technical knowledge to compile necessary educational resources
  • 91% of respondents did not participate in international mobility in the academic year 2020/21
  • 97% of classes were delivered online in the academic year 2020/21
  • Only 27% of respondents used tools for engagements

More findings can be found in the report below:

Intellectual Output 2 News

Desk research to exploit the full potential of virtual learning

We have published a document summarizing some of the existing virtual learning experiences and practices adopted by the Higher Education Institutions in Europe. In particular, the core task of this activity was to broaden the picture of how the COVID-19 emergency affected teaching and learning methods and approaches outside the ENLIVEN partner universities. The following contents were made as part of the ENLIVEN IO2/A3 Intellectual Output:

This document forms the basis for the next project activities which are described in the Intellectual Output 2. By integrating existing – state-of-the-art – data from outside the ENLIVEN partnership with our own research and experience we are laying solid foundations for the development of future e-courses and for an overall improvement of virtual learning activities.

You can read and download the Desk Research results below:

Intellectual Output 1 News

The Survival Kit is now available online

We are happy to announce that the ENLIVEN project partners have developed and published the first version of the Digital Survival Kit.

What is the Survival Kit?

The ENLIVEN Survival Kit provides support for the use of basic digital methods and tools in response to emerging needs in today’s learning and teaching context.

It consists of a set of set of micro-modules, with video materials, tutorials, and best practices for users that need a quick introduction for some of the most common tools and methods used for learning and teaching. Thanks to the Survival Kit you should be able to solve some of the most common problems in the platforms used for in presence and distance learning.

Check out the results by clicking on the link below: